The Abandoned Mansion • Imaginary Authors

The Abandoned Mansion • Imaginary Authors


House  Imaginary Authors
Released  2018
Perfumer  Josh Meyer
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Quince, cedar, paperback book accord

Description  Aimless twenty-somethings Calvin and Millie didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth but when they stumbled onto an abandoned mansion while hiking in the Adirondacks, that’s just what they did. Lounging in the autumn light and lost among the stacks of paperbacks they decided to weather the winter in their found fortress. Spring brought hordes of wildlife, both indoors and out, but no sign of other humans (other than the one growing in Millie’s belly). It would be another four years before the burgeoning family would be forced out of their assumed home but they don’t plan to leave without putting up a fight.

300 g (60 hrs) soy candle with cotton wick

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The Abandoned Mansion • Imaginary Authors

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