Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 6
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Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 6


Issue Fall/Winter 2018
Language English
  Le Contrepoint

Description  The sixth edition of Nez focuses on the ways in which fragrances impact our physical and mental well-being in a special feature entitled Mind & Body with contributors ranging from Dephine de Swardt to Denyse Beaulieu examining everything from the nose’s ability to detect disease, the burgeoning field of aromachology (the study of how odors influence the mind) and how our taste in perfume can provide a window into our subconscious desires.

In addition to the special feature, this issue of Nez is packed with the thought-provoking articles and compelling features we’ve come to expect from this top-tier publication. Nez 6 is a veritable smorgasbord for fragrance lovers and includes a special report on the endangered status of Indonesian patchouli, an investigation into the world of scent marketing and an interview with tea master Yu Hui Tseng.

Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 6

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Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 6