Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 5
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Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 5


Issue Spring/Summer 2018
Language English
  Le Contrepoint

Description  This fifth edition of Nez looks at the issues surrounding the use of natural and synthetic ingredients in perfume. What role has chemistry had in building the perfume business of today? Why are natural products so favored, and are they always preferable to synthetic fragrances?

In addition to the main story, this issue features a wide array of content including a report on bergamot, an interview with perfumer Michel Almairac, an essay by perfumer Céline Ellena, a retrospective examination of the influence of the Belle Epoque’s lasting influence on perfumery, an investigation into the world of computer-assisted perfumery, a peek behind the Parfum d’Empire brand, a genealogy of Le Tabac Blond de Caron and over thirty reviews of new fragrances.

Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 5

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Nez: The Olfactory Magazine 5