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Profumum Roma Trunk Show Photos

The evening of October 26 was a celebration of the elegant creations of Italian niche perfume house Profumum Roma featuring special guests Luciano Durante and Fabrizio Cipriani. Durante is one of the founders of the perfume house and Cipriani is a longtime friend of the Durante family and currently serves as the North American brand manager for Profumum Roma.

Over the course of the two-hour long event, Durante and Cipriani discussed the origins of the house, the inspiration behind many of Profumum Roma's creations and what drives the Durante family to create new fragrances. Durante and Cipriani then fielded questions from audience members with Cipriani listening intently and acting as Durante's interpreter.

Audience members were then invited to sample the collection of over two dozen fragrances, all of which were laid out on the counter. Check out some of the photos from the event below. We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and a offer a very special thanks to Luciano Durante for flying all the way from Italy and to Fabrizio Cipriani for participating in and helping to plan this wonderful night!

Apologies for the low quality of some of the images—circumstances forced us to use an iPhone camera to photograph the event so they aren't as sharp as usual.

Slow Explosions Release Party

Fumerie Parfumerie hosted a release party for the latest addition to the Imaginary Authors range, Slow Explosions. The house's founder and perfumer Josh Meyer was in attendance. He chatted with attendees over drinks and hors d'œuvres and gave a brief presentation in which he discussed the inspiration for Slow Explosions. To celebrate the release, Josh was kind enough to donate a bottle of Slow Explosions for a giveaway. To enter to win the fragrance click here. The winner will be announced at the end of the month. We would like to thank everyone who attended the release party and give a special thanks to Josh Meyer. We are thrilled to feature his line here at Fumerie! Check out the photos of the event below and feel free to comment!

Photo: Alexis Tsefalas

Photo: Alexis Tsefalas

Photo: Alexis Tsefalas

Photo: Alexis Tsefalas

Exploring Ancient Resins

The second installment of our Notes series took place on Tuesday, July 19 and focused on ancient resins and balsams. These materials have been used in perfumery since antiquity and continue to enjoy widespread use in fragrances today. In an hour-long event hosted by Nicole Amzallag-Divine, attendees were afforded the opportunity to familiarize themselves with frankincense, myrrh, cistus labdanum and benzoin. Nicole discussed the history of these materials and their various applications over the years.

The attendees sample the various raw materials and record their impressions.

Smelling strips were dipped in diluted samples of various raw materials and placed in monclins, devices designed to provide the most accurate portrait of a scent.

Nicole describes frankincense resin is harvested from shrubs as an attendee samples the raw material.

Attendees engage with Nicole and Fumerie owner Tracy Tsefalas.

Nicole discusses the modern applications of frankincense and passes around smelling strips imbued with the aroma of fragrances that make use of the material.

An overview of the bar at Fumerie during the Ancient Resins event.

A view from behind the bar; in the foreground you can see the featured fragrances with smelling strips lined up and ready to be passed around to attendees.

Nicole takes questions from attendees.

In the foreground attendees record their impressions while Tracy and Nicole look on.

Fragrance Swap Recap

Fumerie Parfumerie hosted its first Fragrance Swap on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. The turnout was amazing and we had over one hundred fragrances available for swap. Everyone had a great time and walked away with something new. Check out these photos of the event snapped by Kat Butler and feel free to comment below.

Burak & André

Briana & Nicole


Burak & Andrea (Front), Joseph (Back)

Tracy & André

Tracy & Nicole (Front), Briana, Burak, Brett, Nancy (Back)

Nancy & Sam (Front), Rachel (Back)

André & Tracy

The bar was filled to the brim

Ann & Andrea

Andrea & Nicole

E & Sam

Tracy & Nicole

Andrea, CC, Nancy & Briana (Front), André & Tracy (Back)

Briana, Joseph & Stephen

Rachel & Nacy (Front), Sam & Ann (Middle), Nicole, Briana, Stephen (Back)

Rachel, Nicole, Tracy & André (L-R)

Burak, Stephen & Jon

A Photo Recap of An Evening With Josh Meyer

Josh Meyer, the man behind Imaginary Authors, visited Fumerie Parfumerie this Thursday to describe the creation of his latest fragrance Every Storm A Serenade and host a Q&A session for a crowd of guests. Among other things, Josh discussed his creative process, his early scent memories and his love for animalic perfumes.

Josh brought in the four main accords present in Every Storm A Serenade (Calone, Ambroxan, Spruce & Eucalyptus and Vetiver) and attendees were given the opportunity to smell the isolated accords as Josh explained the role of each piece as a part of the whole.

Attendees also submitted questions for Josh in advance and also asked impromptu questions during the course of the event. For me, the highlight of the night was Josh's particularly poignant response to a question about fragrance chemistry, remarking that the work of a perfumer could more easily be likened to that of a painter than a chemist.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Josh for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in what we hope will be the first of many guest appearances at Fumerie. For those of you who were unable to attend, Kat Butler took some wonderful shots of the event. Please feel free to comment below about the event or your favorite imaginary authors fragrances.

All photos by Kat Butler.