A Dream: Realized

One of the earliest photos of the space that would become Fumerie Parfumerie.

"2016 was destined to be the year my dreams came true."

Tracy and André look on as contractor Gregor Myers works on the space.

The fragrance wall nears completion behind the bar.

The former exterior of Fumerie before the remodel with its former paint job: brown, taupe and Cuban orange.

The finished exterior of Fumerie. The custom sign and window art were hand-painted by local artist Craig Brown.
Photo: T. Tsefalas

"The space itself couldn't be more perfect."

The finished interior of Fumerie is warm and inviting, just as Tracy Tsefalas envisioned.

A comfortable chair and Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez's Perfumes The Guide—can you think of a better afternoon?

Tracy and André unpack product two days before the soft opening.

For years I have indulged in brief moments of delight, imagining the setting of my fantasy fragrance boutique.

The color palette and overall tone would be one of comfort and refuge. The lines would be simple and clean. No overcrowded cases or shelves would obstruct one’s view of the beautiful packaging and bottles. The carefully chosen fragrance selection would be the focal point of the small, intimate space.

Tracy and André survey the progress of the bar in the freshly-painted space.

A sliding library ladder was always an essential element; it has been one of my desires since childhood. The general essence of a library—whether a private den or a grand library with endless rows to discover—was at the heart of my vision for Fumerie.

Selecting a fragrance is such an intimate experience, one that can be enhanced by a positive exchange with a specialist, who serves as a guide through the process of fragrant discovery. The addition of a classic wooden bar seemed a perfect fit for this hands-on exploration of fragrance. Just as a bartender serves as a confidant of sorts, so too does the fragrance specialist in uncovering the customer’s wants and desires in the arena of fragrance. 

2016 was destined to be the year that my dreams came true. It was time to move forward and realize my vision of a fragrance boutique centered around the artistry of fragrance and dedicated to honoring those who spend their lives creating these olfactory works of art. Our decision to focus on niche and independent fragrance houses reflects our desire to focus on creativity and innovation. In the current world of perfumery, niche and independent houses represent the creative core of the industry. They fearlessly release unique and remarkable fragrances in a market increasingly saturated with endless imitations.

The space itself couldn’t be more perfect. Housed in a 1919 brick building, our intimate 500-square foot boutique has everything I wanted. A cozy and welcoming space? Check! Thick, floating wooden shelves? Check! A library ladder (evoking the charm of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face)? Check!

The bar is the heart of Fumerie Parfumerie—a place for perfume aficionados and beginners alike to come together and indulge in the finest fragrances in the world.

Through endless hard work and with the assistance of close friends and loved ones, Fumerie opened its doors on February 23, 2016. My vision is finally a reality and I am thrilled to share it with everyone seeking unique, quality fragrances in a setting that feels like a warm embrace. Welcome to Fumerie Parfumerie—the way fragrance shopping was meant to be!

— Tracy Tsefalas

Photography by Kat Butler unless otherwise noted.