Fumerie Parfumerie is a retail fragrance boutique located at 3584 SE Division street, in the bustling Richmond neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. It is first and foremost the premiere shopping destination for customers looking to purchase luxe and high end fragrances.

In addition to our primary function as a retail boutique, Fumerie Parfumerie also offers one-on-one, cutting edge fragrance consultations. These fragrance consultations are designed to identify your tastes and preferences with the ultimate goal of helping you to select the perfect scent. Our consultations are free-of-charge and conducted by our in-house fragrance experts at our boutique in Portland. While we bring years of expertise to each consultation, our recommendations are ultimately shaped by your impressions. The more feedback and information that you are able to provide, the better our recommendations will be. We realize that stepping into a perfume shop can be daunting—it can be difficult to know where to start and that’s exactly why we offer this service. If you don’t have the vocabulary to describe what you’re looking for, don’t worry. We are here to bridge that gap for you. That being said, if you have a few favorite fragrances, don’t hesitate to mention them. Any information about your fragrance history will help us to point you in the right direction.

Fumerie is dedicated to the notion that perfumery is an art form. To that end, Fumerie Parfumerie routinely hosts events ranging from lectures to educational seminars. Over the past three years we have hosted a wide range of guests including author and fragrance critic Luca Turin, independent perfumer Andy Tauer, author and perfume blogger Barbara Herman and perfumer Ralf Schwieger.

What truly sets Fumerie Parfumerie apart from its competitors is its owner and staff. Tracy Tsefalas has over 25 years of fragrance industry experience and knows exactly what it takes to run a successful fragrance boutique and elevate the experience from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Tracy Tsefalas, owner

The heart of Fumerie Parfumerie is its owner and founder, Tracy Tsefalas. The depth of knowledge and passion that Tracy brings to her business venture is unparalleled. For over twenty years, she has been surrounded by fragrance. Years of tutelage under the great Chris T. Tsefalas, have produced an extensive smell memory. Furthermore, her familiarity with long-forgotten vintage fragrances as well as modern releases provides her with a breadth of knowledge not often seen in fragrance retail. In her direct dealings with customers, aside from her immense knowledge, Tracy is known for her kindness and welcoming demeanor.

Our Portland Retail Boutique, 3584 SE Division Street

The atmosphere of Fumerie Parfumerie evokes the opulence and sumptuousness of a bygone era. The name Fumerie Parfumerie literally translates to opium den perfume boutique, and the intimate, inviting space pays homage to our namesake. The color palette is an array of oxblood red, warm amber and jet black. Rich, dark woods accent every inch of the space from the floor to the exquisite hand-crafted bar. The rustic wood floor is blanketed with opulent Persian rugs.

Upon entering Fumerie Parfumerie, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the exquisite wooden bar. This serves both as the focal point and the heart of Fumerie Parfumerie. From here, sales associates tend to the customer's every fragrant need. A library ladder allows the staff access to the visually-stunning wall of fragrances located behind the bar.

Patrons are invited to take a seat at the bar and indulge in the world's finest fragrances. Our experts are readily available to assist you in choosing the perfect scent.