Patchouli Sampler
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Patchouli Sampler


We are thrilled to introduce Fumerie Single Note Samplers. These sample sets are carefully curated by Fumerie staff to celebrate and showcase all of the different facets of a particular ingredient.

The Patchouli Sampler features 1 ml samples of the following patchouli-dominant fragrances.

A spicy rose on a warm base of patchouli and amber. Eau de Parfum.

BRUTUS. Orto Parisi.
A dry, musty take on patchouli with just a hint of sweetness. Extrait.

BULL'S BLOOD. Imaginary Authors.
A rollicking animalic patchouli and rose with a heavy dose of costus and musk. Eau de Parfum.

Dry, dark and beautiful—a classical rose chypre on a base of patchouli and oud. Eau de Parfum.

EAU ARBORANTE: TELLUS. Liquides Imaginaires.
Rooty, earthy and damp, Tellus is the aroma of freshly-disturbed earth and moist vegetation. Eau de Parfum.

The result of Andy Tauer's take on the ubiquitous fruitchouli structure is sophisticated and restrained and achieves a perfect balance between sweet fruits and floral notes and earthy patchouli. Eau de Parfum.

HINDU GRASS. Nasomatto.
Featuring notes of rose and coriander, Nasomatto's spicy floral take on patchouli is utterly irresistible. Extrait.

IMPERIAL. Boadicea the Victorious.
A balsamic woody fragrance dominated by a beautiful accord of patchouli, oud and leather . Eau de Parfum.

L'ORPHÉLINE. Serge Lutens.
Cool, stark and melancholy—L'Orphéline is a smoky, transparent combination of incense, musk and patchouli. Eau de Parfum.

MONTECRISTO. Masque Milano.
Montescristo is a dry, smoky and spicy composition with notes of tobacco and leather meant to evoke the aroma of the interior of an old Tuscan villa. Eau de Parfum.

ORIENTO. Jeroboam.
An classic rose and patchouli fragrance, lightly dusted with saffron and softened with a warm musk. Extrait.

OUD WA MISK. Berdoues: Collection Grands Crus.
A musky oud and patchouli fragrance with a light touch of incense. Eau de Parfum.

OUD WA WARD. Berdoues: Collection Grands Crus.
Oud and rose are joined by a warm patchouli and amber. Eau de Parfum.

PARDON. Nasomatto.
Chocolate, warm woods and the hay-like warmth of tonka bean. Extrait.

A warm and comforting combination of patchouli and amber. Eau de Parfum.

THUNDRA. Profumum Roma.
An unusual pairing of patchouli, mint and musk. Extrait.

16 × 1 ml samples (various concentrations)

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Patchouli Sampler