Fumerie Monthly Sampler: November 2016
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Fumerie Monthly Sampler


Fumerie Monthly Samplers allow you to explore a wide range of unique and uncommon fragrances for a special low price. Each month we will curate a sampler pack with new, exciting, season-appropriate fragrances. These packs afford you the opportunity to explore fragrances that you may otherwise overlook. You might even discover a new favorite.

Our January 2018 sampler features 1 ml samples of the following fragrances. It will be available from January 1, 2018 - January 31, 2018.

AMBRE SULTAN  Serge Lutens
herbal amber
A dusty dry amber fragrance garnished with an unusual herbal accord of bay leaf, oregano and myrtle.
Eau de Parfum

COPAL AZUR  Aedes de Venustas
salty incense
Copal Azur opens with a salty marine delicately layered over a copal accord. This strange juxtaposition was inspired by a bicycling trip through the Yucatan peninsula where the aroma of copal resin mingles with the salty aroma of the sea. Since copal cannot be used in perfumery, perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour instead used three different extractions of frankincense to recreate the delicate aroma of this ancient incense.
Eau de Parfum

DRYAD  Paillon
green chypre
In 2015, Liz Moores released Salome to near-universal acclaim so expectations were understandably high for her next release. Thankfully, Dryad does not disappoint. This deep green chypre is built around a core of oakmoss and narcissus. Dryad epitomizes the rich, multi-layered style that Papillon has become famous for and proves that it is still possible to make sprawling classical compositions in this modern era.
Eau de Parfum

HOJA DE CUBA  Berdoues: Collection Grands Crus
warm tobacco
Cuba has been famous for its cigars for generations and the latest addition to the Collection Grands Crus pays homage to this olfactory heritage. Opening with notes of allspice, rich tobacco is layered over the dry, salty aroma of vetiver root.
Eau de Parfum

MOLECULE 04  Escentric Molecules
cool sandalwood
Molecule 04 is the first new Escentric Molecules fragrance in ten years. This time around, Javanol is the star of the show—a potent sandalwood molecule. Now, in addition to the expected (namely the central sandalwood aroma in all of its buttermilky glory), Molecule 04 contains a good dose of the unexpected—accents of rose and grapefruit. Perfumer Geza Schoen notes, "This makes [Molecule 04] super-interesting. Most molecules aren’t like this. They are more linear. "
Eau de Toilette

NAWAB OF OUDH  Ormonde Jayne
rose oud
How does one produce a rose and oud fragrance that stands out in a veritable sea of rose and oud fragrances? The answer is seemingly obvious but prohibitively expensive: use real oud. Enter Ormonde Jayne's Nawab of Oudh—an abject lesson in how woody rose fragrances should be done.

UMMAGUMMA  Bruno Fazzolari
chocolate woods
Bruno Fazzolari keeps raising the bar with each release. This year's Ummagumma finds the San Francisco-based perfumer retreading some of the territory first explored with Cadavre Exquis; however, this time around he ditches the candy sweet accord for something darker and more satisfying—bitter chocolate. While there are gourmand notes present here, this is by no means a typical gourmand. The fragrance quickly shifts gears after a chocolatey opening and dives headlong into tobacco and burnished woods.
Eau de Parfum

VANITAS  Profumum Roma
subdued vanilla
Vanilla is a tricky material to work with. Perfumer Ernest Beaux, creator of Chanel No. 5, once quipped, "When I do vanilla I get crème anglaise, when Guerlain does it he gets Shalimar!" The point here is not to compare Vanitas to either of these fragrances, but rather to illustrate the difficulty that this seemingly run-of-the-mill raw material poses, even to accomplished perfumers. Vanitas strikes that rare balance between sweet and smoky that tempers the sweetness of vanilla in such a way that it becomes seductive and mysterious rather than dessert-like. There is clearly a reason why this is one of the most sought-after Profumum Roma fragrances.

VESPERO  Jeroboam
aromatic leather
Jeroboam's Vespero is a difficult fragrance to pin down. Party aromatic fougère, part leathery chypre—it has been described as the olfactory collision of Creed's Aventus and Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. Whatever it is, we can say this with great confidence: it smells absolutely amazing.

Please note that the item pictured does not necessarily reflect the contents of this month's sampler. The actual samples contained in this month's sampler are listed in the corresponding descriptions.

9 × 1 ml samples (various concentrations)

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Fumerie Monthly Sampler: November 2016