Fumerie Monthly Sampler: November 2016
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Fumerie Monthly Sampler


Fumerie Monthly Samplers allow you to explore a wide range of unique and uncommon fragrances for a special low price. Each month we will curate a sampler pack with new, exciting, season-appropriate fragrances. These packs afford you the opportunity to explore fragrances that you may otherwise overlook. You might even discover a new favorite.

Our April 2017 sampler features 1 ml samples of the following fragrances. It will be available from April 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017.

The newest addition to the Aedes de Venustas collection is a dark, brooding vetiver scent that recalls the inky darkness of the iconic Mousse de Saxe base that provided Nuit de Noël, Bandit and Habanita with their characteristic bitterness.
Eau de Parfum

CHARIOT  Boadicea the Victorious
Rich, multi-faceted and engaging, Chariot is like one of those optical illusions where you can see tow entirely different images depending on how you look at it. On the one hand it is a fruity woody scent with a rich base of oud wood and on the other hand it is a smoky leather composition int he manner of Guy Laroche’s J’ai Osé.
Eau de Parfum

FEU SECRET  Bruno Fazzolari
The latest composition from Bruno Fazzolari focuses on one of perfumery’s most costly materials: orris root. In Feu Secret the central iris note is paired with woods and spices on a smoky base of birch tar and vanilla.
Eau de Parfum

MOLECULE 01  Escentric Molecules
The fragrance that started it all, Molecule 01 is an avant-garde fragrance featuring only one material: an aromamolecule called Iso-E Super that smells halfway between sandalwood and cedar.
Eau de Toilette

BLOW UP  Folie à Plusieurs
Inspired by the 1966 film of the same name, this wonderfully strange animalic leather by Mark Buxton smells at once smoky, green and resinous—beguiling and mysterious in equal measure, Blow Up is Mark Buxton at his best.
Eau de Parfum

FALLING INTO THE SEA  Imaginary Authors
The aptly named tropical floral fragrance from Imaginary Authors takes us to a sun-soaked beach. Effervescent grapefruit gives way to fruity lychee and a clean white floral accord on a dusty base of driftwood and sea spray.
Eau de Parfum

ACQUA VIVA  Profumum Roma
It is difficult to argue that Acqua Viva is one of the best citrus compositions on the market. Its photorealistic rendering of lemon aside, this fragrance holds and holds and holds. Perhaps that’s the result of the ridiculously-high concentration of oils or perhaps it’s the brilliant underlying structure. All you need to know is Acqua Viva packs all of the happiness and fun of a perfect summer day into one phenomenal scent.

Critics of the perfume-as-art point of view argue that in order for perfume to be art it must say something meaningful. Now, if you’re like me, you understand that (1) art is a reflection of a society and that (2) everything means something even if it isn’t explicitly stated by the artist (or if the marketing campaign dismisses the original message altogether as it did with Calice Becker’s Tommy Girl, composed as an homage to her childhood memories of fragrant teas). However, for those who still question perfume’s status as an art form, please direct your attention toward Serge Lutens’ La Fille de Berlin. The fragrance was composed to pay homage to the German women who survived Soviet occupation after World War II. This beautifully complex rose scent is a striking shade of red and features an earthy undercurrent of geranium and moss.
Eau de Parfum

A personal favorite, Tauer’s Lonestar Memories is an unapologetic leather scent. The fragrance relies on one of my favorite materials for its smoky-leathery qualities: birch tar. The smoky core of the scent is accented with geranium and aromatic resins like cistus labdanum for a rich and tarry composition that has been lovingly referred to by fans as “a fire at a tire factory.”
Eau de Toilette

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9 × 1 ml samples (various concentrations)

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Fumerie Monthly Sampler: November 2016