Iris Silver Mist • Serge Lutens
Serge Lutens

Iris Silver Mist • Serge Lutens

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House  Serge Lutens
Released  1994
Perfumer  Maurice Roucel
Fragrance Family  Soft Floral
Notes  Galbanum, orris, clove, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, castoreum, cistus labdanum, musk, benzoin, incense

Description  Iris Silver Mist is an icon of modern perfumery. Famously commissioned by Serge Lutens in the early nineties, Iris Silver Mist was designed to be the iris fragrance. Its creation is the stuff of legend: with Lutens urging perfumer Maurice Roucel to increase the iris note ever more until Roucel added to the composition every material at his disposal with any iris facet. The result speaks for itself: over twenty years after its creation it continues to be the standard by which all other iris fragrances are judged. It is at once rooty, earth, breadlike, carroty, powdery—a swirling cloud of everything that iris can be suspended and circling one another in slow motion.

2 × 30 ml eau de parfum spray

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Iris Silver Mist • Serge Lutens