Duke of Burgundy • Folie à Plusieurs
Folie à Plusieurs

Duke of Burgundy • Folie à Plusieurs

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House  Folie à Plusieurs
Released  2016
Perfumer  Mark Buxton
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Angelica, peach, green notes, davana, freesia, osmanthus, jasmine, leather, grain, skin accord, shoe polish, animalic notes, musk, heliotrope, cedar, sandalwood, amber

Description  Duke of Burgundy is based on the 2014 film by Peter Strickland that focuses on the relationship between two women. The fragrance opens with a sweet, animalic accord that is at once musky and leathery; however, all elements remain refined and civilized. The white florals play a prominent role in the composition and imbue the fragrance with a retro glamor. One of the most striking aspects of the fragrance is its textural quality—it has a current of what may be described as a waxiness running through its core. It continues on the same trajectory for most of its life but never seems monotonous. It shimmers and shifts in the light, always changing yet never making a marked departure from its starting point. Simply put, Duke of Burgundy is scintillating: a strange, multi-faceted work of olfactory art that captures the imagination. Click Additional Info below to watch the film's trailer.

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Duke of Burgundy • Folie à Plusieurs

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